5 Ways To Reduce Ticks In Your Yard

5 Ways To Reduce Ticks In Your Yard

Ticks are small, bloodsucking arachnids that live in the body of the living organisms. They are spread all throughout the world. These little creatures transmit various diseases from person to person. So, people should keep themselves away from the tricks to maintain a healthy life.

The easiest method to keep the ticks away from the home is, by the use of suitable methods. There are many natural and manmade ways to keep the ticks away from the living organisms. To prevent the ticks completely, various steps should be taken to reduce the ticks in the yard as the yard acts as the storehouse of ticks in many areas.

How to avoid ticks in your yard?

The ticks harm the user a lot and it causes severe effects in many people. So these ticks should be completely eradicated from your home. There are many important and useful ways used to eradicate the ticks from your home. After removing the ticks from home, clean your yard completely, because the yard is the place where a lot of ticks hide. Many ticks develop themselves in the yard. Here are various steps that should be followed while eradicating the ticks from your yard.

Step I- keep it clean

The first step is to keep your yard neat and clean without any dust. The ticks tend to lay eggs and develop themselves in the hidden area. If the yard is not clean, then there will be many hidden areas and this will make the ticks develop and reproduce quickly and easily. So, remove all the unwanted things such as stones, bricks, discarded things etc. and stack them properly. Neatness is a useful barrier that can reduce tick attack.

Step II- Clean pets periodically

Mostly, pet’s are the initial target for ticks, and so the pets should be monitored carefully. As soon as the ticks enter into the hosts of the blood, they start replicating and invade their surroundings. During hangouts, these ticks shed from their body into the yard. So, the pets should be cleaned periodically with tick repellent solution, to keep the yard safe from ticks. Added to this, you should clean the region of hang out in the yard.

Step III- mow your yard

This acts as an important step to keep your house yard free from ticks. Mow your yard completely at a proper height. Remove the shrubs, and manicure the trees at the edges of the garden because these regions act as the favorite place for ticks. So, by this method, you can avoid the spreading of ticks in your yard.

Step IV- growing insect repellent plant

This is one of the best and the natural methods to get rid of ticks from your yard. These insect resistant plants give a strong odor and the ticks move away from the yard. These plants help to eradicate the ticks and prevent reoccurring of ticks in the yard.

Step V – avoid over watering

Ticks grow faster in the moist and wet environment. So, overwatering should be avoided; by over watering the ticks can grow faster. Other than this, the ticks can hide easily under the water.

Step VI – Use Beneficial Nematodes

Nematodes are naturally occuring micro-organisms that feed on tick larvae reducing and taking out the next generation of ticks. Soil containing these Nematodes can be purchased. It is to be sprinkled around the yard to increase the number of natural nematodes and help ruduce unwanted pests.

The above mentioned are ways that can be used to keep your yard safe from the ticks. Hope this article is useful to you. If you like this article, share it on social networking sites.

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