Tick Repellent Clothing Treatment

tick repellent clothing

Repel Ticks with Permethrin Treated Clothing  The CDC says that incidents of Lyme disease are up by as much as 10 times over the past years. This is because ticks have spread to more areas in the country due to warmer weather in the recent past. For anyone spending a lot of time outdoors, Lyme disease and other tick-transmitted diseases are a real danger. There is also the Zika virus carried by mosquitoes. In addition to applying insect repellent, it is […]

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Best 5 Tick Repellents of 2016

Ticks are small pests that spread diseases. They are vast widely spread throughout the world and depend on living organisms for their survival. The initial target of ticks is the animals with warm blood. They suck the blood from their host for their survival. As these ticks are harmful, they should be completely eradicated from home for the healthy living. There are many natural and artificial methods that can be used to avoid ticks from the houses, pets, and yard. […]

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