What Is The Best Essential Oil To Repel Ticks

What Is The Best Essential Oil To Repel Ticks

Without plants, there would be no life on earth. Plants produce oxygen that we breathe and plants are the basis of the food chain. Only plants can convert water and sunlight and minerals from the soil into plant material and fruit – food that all non-plant life depends on. But in addition to green leaves … Read more

Does Lavender Repel Ticks

does lavender repel ticks

Lavender oil has many uses and has been valued by people since ancient times. The Romans used lavender to obtain fragrant bath essences, hence the name of this plant. Lavender is derived from the Latin word “lavare” which means “to wash”. Today the uses of Lavender are many, the young leaves of the plant are … Read more

Beneficial Nematodes – Biological Pest Control


Organic methods and biological pest control are environmentally friendly ways to decimate the population of certain animals or plants. It is a natural way to effectively get rid of pests in your yard – completely harmless to humans and pets. Nematodes of the genus Steinernema and Heterorhabditis are two such beneficial organisms that can easily … Read more

How To Keep Your Yard Free Of Ticks

Although ticks tend to prefer moist habitats such as the vegetation near water, the undergrowth in the woods or at the edge of the forest, and meadows with tall grass, unfortunately, they are also found in increasing numbers in our gardens. How Do Ticks Get Into My Yard? Ticks can crawl around, even very slowly, … Read more

Does Eucalyptus Repel Ticks

does eucalyptus repel ticks

Eucalyptus oil is mainly known for its refreshing camphor, citrus-like refreshing smell.¬†Eucalyptus has been a proven remedy against many ailments. The processed oil is used in various products from topical ointments against muscle ache and rheumatism to cough medicine and bronchitis.¬†Eucalyptus oil is antiseptic and works against a variety of bacteria. Eucalyptus Oil to Keep … Read more