What is Flumethrin and how does it work?

what is flumethrin

The prevention of tick infestation in pets is an important measure for the prevention of tick-transmitted diseases. Spot-on products or pet collars that slowly deliver the active ingredient onto fur and skin are convenient and quite effective. Flumethrin is an effective tick repellent used in pet collars. What is Flumethrin and how does it work? Flumethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide commonly used to protect livestock and domestic pets against ectoparasites such as ticks, fleas, flies, etc. At a low […]

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Does Frontline Repel Ticks

Does Frontline Repel Ticks? Tick populations are increasing and can spread tick-transmitted diseases to humans and pets. Frontline is well known among pet owners and a popular spot-on preparation. The active ingredient Fipronil acts directly on the nervous system of ticks and other bloodsucking pests. Fipronil is a so-called antiparasitic. So to the question: does frontline repel ticks? Not really repel, but it kills ticks when they get in contact with it. How does Frontline repel ticks? As an antiparasitic, Frontline […]

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Best Tick Repellent for Cats

best tick repellent for cats

Tick Repellents for Cats A tick infestation in a cat is not only dangerous to your pet, but also to you as the cat owner. This is because cats like resting in people’s laps, sleep on the couch or even in the bed. This makes it very easy for ticks to spread in a home. Cats can pass on a disease called Bartonellosis to humans through ticks. There is also the danger of co-infection with Lyme disease if these ticks are carriers. Using […]

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Natural And Safe Tick Repellent for Cats

tick repellent for cats

Cats are special animals, they love to roam the outdoors all year. But during tick season from early spring to late autumn those nasty little bloodsuckers can easily bury themselves into your cat’s fur and bite your pet to suck blood. use tick repellent for cats to prevent tick bite on your cat and regularly inspect your cat’s fur.  As the tick needs some time until it finds a proper bite site, you may find the arachnid before it bites your pet. […]

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