Flea And Tick Shampoo For Dogs

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Dogs are constantly bothered by various pests, such as fleas or lice. Grooming and hygiene are important in order to reduce parasite infestation. The right dog shampoo can help. It has skincare and parasite repellent properties to protect the pet from re-infestation. From medical shampoo to the best smelling dog shampoo, what makes them special? … Read more

What is Flumethrin and how does it work?

what is flumethrin

The prevention of tick infestation in pets is an important measure for the prevention of tick-borne diseases. Spot-on products and pet collars that slowly release the active ingredient onto fur and skin are practical and quite effective. Flumethrin is an effective tick repellent that is used in pet collars. What is Flumethrin and how does … Read more

Does Frontline Repel Ticks

does frontline repel ticks

Tick populations have been increasing dramatically in the last couple of years. With the rising ticks number, the risk for humans and pets to contract ticks transmitted diseases is also up. Frontline is well known among pet owners and popular spot-on preparation. The active ingredient Fipronil acts directly on the nervous system of ticks and … Read more

Non Toxic Flea and Tick Repellent For Dogs

non toxic tick repellent for dogs

Dogs are constantly bothered by fleas and ticks. On top of that, it is also difficult to spot whether your dog has ticks or not, as those pests tend to hide deep in the fur of the pet. A thorough regular examination of the coat of the pet for fleas and ticks is necessary. If … Read more

How To Repel Ticks On Dogs?

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As dog owners, we always worry about ticks, which our four-legged friends only too easily become victims of.  But it is not just about the health of our dog but also about our own health.  Ticks transmit viruses and bacteria, which can eventually lead to dangerous diseases, that can make our pet extremely ill or … Read more