When to worry about a Tick Bite

migrans, when to worry about a tick bite

Is every tick bite dangerous? Does every tick bite make me sick? What are the Symptoms of a tick-transmitted disease? The most important answers to when to worry about a tick bite. Ticks lurk in the undergrowth in the forest, in grasslands, and bushes, but also in our gardens around our homes. Diseases transmitted by ticks are a danger to anyone who is active outdoors. Tick protection is important and can be effective when precautions are observed. Still, there is […]

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What repels ticks on humans- keep ticks off

what repels ticks on humans

Tick’s are very common, they may infect humans with bacteria and viruses and cause health hazards. What repels ticks on humans is important to know for anyone who is into outdoor activities such as gardening, camping, hiking, etc. To get in contact with ticks is hard to avoid as they lure about everywhere in grasses, shrubs, around your yard or along trails, waiting for potential prey. Preventing Tick Bites and what repels ticks on humans There is no single measure […]

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