DEET Vs Permethrin Vs Picaridin – Which is the Best Tick Repellent?

methrin Vs Picaridin – Which is the Best Tick Repellent

DEET (N, N diethyl-3-methyl benzamide), is an effective mosquito repellent. Permethrin is a chemical product named Pyrethroids, which is synthetic in nature and can be used as an insecticide and repellent as it does not cause any irritations or damage on the fabrics. It is derived from the flowers of pyrethrum plant, which when crushed and mixed with water works well to repel the ticks by means of spraying.

Picaridin (2 hydroxyethyl 1- piperidine carboxylic acid 1- methylpropyl ester),  is odorless and nonsticky in nature. It is recommended to be applied for about 4 hours and is non-toxic when used in a prescribed range. This article provides you the comparison of DEET, Permethrin, and Picaridin, to help you purchase.

DEET Vs Permethrin Vs Picaridin

Usage: These three tick repellent products vary in the way of usage over the skin surface and the clothing. Permethrin is a repellent material used to kill the ticks whereas DEET and Picaridin, is applied directly to the clothes and beddings, to get rid of the ticks which come in contact with the ticks.

Application: When sprayed on the clothing, it does not harm the humans by causing reddish spots over the skin’s surface. It can also be applied by soaking the clothes with the suggested amount of water and the product, for four hours. Then, allow them to dry; to wear the clothing, that curls down the ticks to the floor, which are in contact with the clothes.

DEET and the Picaridin are the well-suggested tick repellents, to be applied onto the skin surface when compared to the Permethrin, which is suitable to be applied on to the clothing fabrics. It is not safe to use the spray of DEET over the clothing, because it melts down the nylon fabrics but, it is quite safe and efficient to apply over the skin surface based on the instructions specified in the labels.

Toxicity: Picaridin, when compared to the DEET, is less toxic and is well suited to be applied on to the skin. The higher concentration of the tick repellent is restricted to be used over the skin surface or the clothing. DEET is used widely as a mosquito repellent rather than for the ticks when compared to the Picaridin.

Effectiveness: DEET repellent lasts long over a duration of above 10 hours whereas, Picaridin repellent last only for a duration of up to 8 hours. Picaridin constitutes less odor, smell, and are non-toxic when compared to the DEET.

Verdict: Thus from the above-narrated article, it is clearly verified that each tick repellent serves its best on the various conditions. Permethrin is best suited for applying directly  to clothing to get rid of the ticks contact with it and the DEET, Picaridin, is well behaved over the skin surface to get rid of the ticks bites in the pet animals and humans.

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