Deer Tick

What Does A Deer Tick Look Like

The deer tick or the black-legged tick, scientifically known as Ixodes scapularis, is an ill-famed biting arachnid known for its dark legs and favored adult host, the white-tailed deer. Larvae and nymphs parasitize on small mammals. The adult ticks feed on larger mammals, preferably white-tailed deer (hence the name), but also on dogs and cats. … Read more

Lone Star Tick

The lone star tick (Amblyomma americanum) receives its name from the unique white-silvery mark on the female’s back. These ticks strike people more often than any other tick class in the southeastern and eastern states. Lone star ticks are widespread in many parts of the USA. They are found mainly in forests with dense undergrowth … Read more

Do Birds Spread Ticks?

do birds carry ticks

A warming climate and increased human encroachment into animal habitat have led to increased levels of tick-human contact, along with increased levels of tick-borne disease. Warmer weather allows ticks to reproduce earlier and in greater numbers and it allows more ticks to overwinter successfully, leading to an explosion in the tick population. Even worse, the … Read more

Do Ticks Fall From Trees

do ticks fall from trees 

The question always arises when it comes to ticks “do ticks fall from trees?” The short answer: No, ticks don’t fall from trees. A walk under trees hardly poses a risk of a tick falling on you. Because these little spiderlike creatures have a very simple energy-saving hunting method. They just sit and wait for … Read more

What’s A Tick Look Like And What Do Tick Bites Look Like?

what is a tick

Ticks belong to the spider family  (arachnids) as you can see on the eight legs of an adult tick. Insects only have six legs and many species have wings too. There are over 800 species of ticks known worldwide. Ticks are ectoparasites (living on, instead of inside a host). They do bite a host animal – … Read more