Best Tick Repellent for Hunters

There are tons of ticks in forests, in grasslands, and just about any other place where hunters roam looking for game. After all, it is mainly the animals, from the mouse in the undergrowth to the elk in the woods that are responsible for the spread of ticks. Because the ticks themselves don’t wander far, … Read more

Bug Repellents – The More Effective The More Toxic

Ticks keep not only spreading, but they are also active much longer because the winters are getting shorter. So tick protection is more important than ever. There are natural tick repellents that use essential oils to ward off ticks, and synthetic tick repellents that use chemicals like DEET to protect you from ticks and possibly … Read more

What Is The Best Essential Oil To Repel Ticks

What Is The Best Essential Oil To Repel Ticks

Without plants, there would be no life on earth. Plants produce oxygen that we breathe and plants are the basis of the food chain. Only plants can convert water and sunlight and minerals from the soil into plant material and fruit – food that all non-plant life depends on. But in addition to green leaves … Read more

IR3535 Ethyl-butylacetylaminopropionate (EBAAP)

repellent containing IR3535 Ethyl-butylacetylaminopropionate

Ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate (EBAAP) is an insect repellent sold under the trade name IR3535 (Trademark owned by Merck). It is very effective against ticks, mosquitoes, biting midges, horseflies, fleas, and many other bugs.  Even wasps and bees don’t like the smell and stay away. What is ethyl butyl-acetylaminopropionate? Ethyl butyl-acetylamino propionate is a synthetic amino acid, … Read more

Does Lavender Repel Ticks

does lavender repel ticks

Lavender oil has many uses and has been valued by people since ancient times. The Romans used lavender to obtain fragrant bath essences, hence the name of this plant. Lavender is derived from the Latin word “lavare” which means “to wash”. Today the uses of Lavender are many, the young leaves of the plant are … Read more