About Us

Welcome to tickrepellent.net.
Ticks are really nasty parasites that you want to avoid. Unfortunately, this is very difficult, because ticks are very tough, can be found almost everywhere, and are constantly spreading and conquering new habitats. The little spiderlike creatures suck blood and cause discomfort to you or your pets. But what’s worse, ticks can transmit various dangerous diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, encephalitis, and many more. If you have pets or are outdoors a lot, you may run into ticks sooner or later.

We’ve always had dogs. We currently have 2 dogs and 2 cats. They are free and wander about nature at will, often bringing ticks home with them. I have tried natural tick repellents, tick repellent plants on the property, and chemical repellents. I now use a combination of all measures.

This website tells you how ticks are repelled. There are articles about natural methods of tick protection, as well as articles about the pros and cons of synthetic products. But it’s hard to find the best tick repellent. What is good for one person doesn’t work for another or isn’t tolerated. Tick repellents and application methods also vary, some are particularly suitable for dogs, others particularly for cats and then there are those for humans. I’ve put together a comparison of the best methods and I hope you find the tips helpful.