5 Ways To Reduce Ticks In Your Yard

5 Ways To Reduce Ticks In Your Yard

Ticks are small, bloodsucking arachnids waiting for a suitable victim by lingering in hiding places around your home, in your yards, out in parks and forest. They are virtually everywhere in nature throughout the world, wherever they find a suitable environment. These little creatures can transmit various diseases, reducing and eliminating tick populations in areas where people live can help to reduce the risk of tick-transmitted diseases.

One method to reduce ticks around your home are measures to destroy their hiding and breeding places to make it as uncomfortable as possible for them. There are some natural and manmade ways to keep the ticks away and various steps should be taken to reduce the ticks in the yard as the yard acts as the storehouse of ticks in many areas.

How to reduce ticks in your yard?

Keeping your yard clean and tidy to reduce ticks and eliminate tick breeding grounds is the first step in maintaining a tick-free environment. They may never be completely eradicated from your home and yard but you may reduce their numbers

Plant tick repelling plants, trimming undergrowth and scrubs, letting the sunlight reach the ground all these are first steps to keep reduce ticks around your yard and home. Here are various steps that should be followed while eradicating the ticks from your yard.

Step I- keep your compound clean

The first step is to keep your yard neat and clean without any dust. The ticks tend to lay eggs and develop themselves in the hidden area. If the yard is not clean, then there will be many hidden areas and this will assist ticks to thrive and reproduce quickly and easily. So, remove all the unwanted things such as stones, bricks, discarded things, etc.

Step II- Clean pets periodically

You need to regularly inspect your pet’s fur for tick infestation. Pet’s are the initial target for ticks and easily pick them up during their excursions.  Home in your house or yard the ticks may fall off again. If the tick has had the chance to complete its blood meal, it is likely that it may be replicating and lay thousands of eggs somewhere in your surroundings. So monitor your pets and use repellent to protect them and yourself.

Step III- mow your yard

Keep your lawn short and mow your yard completely at a low height. Remove the shrubs, and manicure the trees at the edges of the garden because these regions act as the favorite place for ticks. So, by this method, you can avoid the spreading of ticks in your yard.

Step IV- growing insect-repelling plants

This is one of the best and natural methods to get reduce ticks in your yard. Insect-repelling plants give off a strong odor which ticks and other parasites don’t like. These plants help to eradicate the ticks and prevent reoccurring of ticks in the yard.

Step V – avoid overwatering

Ticks reproduce faster in moist and wet environments. So, overwatering should be avoided. Reduce dark and shady place by trimming trees and bushes.

Step VI – Use Beneficial Nematodes

Nematodes are naturally occurring micro-organisms that feed on tick larvae thereby reducing and taking out the next generation of ticks.

Soil containing these beneficial Nematodes can be purchased. It is simple and safe to apply, just needs to be sprinkled around the yard to increase the number of natural nematodes and help reduce unwanted pests.

The above mentioned are ways that can be used to keep your yard safe from the ticks. Hope this article is useful to you. If you like this article, share it on social networking sites.