Using Essential Oils As Tick Repellent

essential oils as tick repellent

When the tick season begins, tick repellents should be ready. But prevention is often not a particularly interesting subject. However, if you ever had a tick bite, you certainly would like to avoid that happening again. Wearing long pants and a shirt and permanently covering up in summer, doesn’t sound like fun. The best protection … Read more

How to Reduce Ticks In Your Yard

how to reduce ticks in yard

Ticks are small, blood-sucking ectoparasites waiting for a suitable victim by questing in hiding places around your home, in your yard, out in parks and forests. They are virtually everywhere in nature throughout the world, wherever they find a suitable environment. As with most ectoparasites, ticks can spread diseases to humans and pets. Eliminating tick … Read more

What Repels Ticks On Humans

what repels ticks on humans

Ticks are more prevalent than ever due to climate change and the disappearance of their natural predators. They wait for potential prey (questing) everywhere, in grasses, bushes, in your garden, or along paths. For every nature lover, outdoor fan, or animal lover who walks his dog, tick protection and knowing what repels ticks on humans … Read more

How To Repel Ticks On Dogs?

repel ticks on dogs

As dog owners, we always have to remember that our four-legged friends are all too easily the victim of ticks. Ticks can transmit viruses and bacteria, which can lead to dangerous diseases that can make our pets extremely sick or even kill them. Treating a tick-borne disease is often complicated, expensive, and very stressful for … Read more

DIY Homemade Tick Repellent

homemade tick repellent

Outside, no matter where you go in nature or what you do, ticks are a problem to be reckoned with. The small ectoparasites are found in tall grass or undergrowth, where they patiently wait for a suitable host. In passing you touch the ticks and with their outstretched front legs they grab and cling to … Read more

Flea Vs Tick – What´s the difference?

Fleas Vs Ticks- How Do They Differ

Fleas and Ticks are the nightmares of every pet owner. Little annoying blood-sucking pests that not only bite our four-legged friends but can also transmit diseases. They are an all too common problem and you always need to think about preventing your pet not to get infested with fleas or ticks. Parasite infestation can easily … Read more