Cat Shampoo -Do You Need To Bathe Cats?

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Cat Shampoo

By Darryl Brooks

Cats can be some of the cleanest pets you can own, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from a nice bath with a good cat shampoo from time to time. No matter how clean your cat keeps itself, occasionally, it will get into a mess that simple grooming will not help. There are also times when a cat may get infected with fleas or ticks and will need a cat shampoo. Despite the fact that most cats don’t like to get wet, sometimes, you just have to tough it out.

Do You Need To Bathe CatsBefore resorting to a full cat shampoo in the tub or sink, you may want to try a simpler solution. Try brushing or wiping down your cat with a towel. Another great solution to a dirty cat is cat shampoo wipes. These pre-moistened towels are the perfect way to clean your cat without both of you getting soaking wet. These wipes can help get rid of dirt, odors, and bacteria.

If you are concerned about exposing your cat to harmful artificial ingredients, there are many wholesome and natural cat shampoos on the market. You will want to read the label to ensure that the product you think is a natural cat shampoo contains only natural cleansers and conditioners. Many good natural cat shampoos contain oatmeal to help relieve dry itchy skin.

If you’re really concerned about the shampoo you expose your beloved pet to, you can rely on homemade cat shampoo. By making your own shampoo, you will be assured of using only natural quality ingredients. The hardest ingredient to find will be soapwort root, but you can get it at your local health food store. Combine two teaspoons of the soapwort root, with two cups of boiling water. Let it cool, and then add two teaspoons of lemon, peppermint, or lemongrass oil.

An allergy cat shampoo isn’t shampoo for cats with allergies, but to remove allergens from cats around humans with allergies. If your cat sheds a lot, and there is a human in the household with cat allergy problems, get a good allergy cat shampoo and use it regularly to keep your cat clean and peace in your home.

Cats are very clean animals and are good at grooming themselves, but every pet can use a little help in the bathing department and a good cat shampoo will keep your pet and your home, cleaner.

Do You Need To Bathe Cats