Tick Repellent Clothing To Protect You From Unwanted Illness

tick repellent clothing treatment

Ticks are small creeping creatures which may cause severe infections in humans and animals. They may transmit bacteria and viruses, that when contracted can cause certain dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease, typhus, spotted fewer…..
So tick protection is essential and there are quite a few options today. Apart from using lotions, shampoos, and some other chemicals on your skin, you can also use tick repellent clothing to repel ticks.

Tick repellent clothes are effective in keeping ticks off your skin and it’s a safe way to protect you from nasty ticks if you tend to skin reactions caused by certain repellents. Wearing Permethrin-Impregnated Clothing, you can move and work anywhere outdoor without any fear. Read on to find out how the tick repellent clothing is made and how it can be beneficial to you.

Tick Repellent clothing


Clothing treated with Permethrin is commonly used to protect military personnel as well as outdoor workers. Permethrin-treated clothing effectively repels and kills ticks and mosquitoes.

Permethrin repellent to impregnate clothing is best-selling bug repellent available at Amazon

Clothing should be sprayed with repellent before use and dried in the open. Depending on wear it may last up to 4 weeks. After each wash reapply.

When spraying be careful to avoid contact with eyes and skin.

Once dried on your garment it leaves no smell or color and it’s safe to use on all fabrics.

Factory treated Clothing

BugBeWear: is a manufacturer that specializes in factory treated insect and tick repellent clothing. It is available in various forms like jeans, socks, sweatshirts, jeans, etc. You can wear it inside your home, as well as outdoors when in the yard (tick repellent for yards ), garden, etc.  An odorless and invisible long lasting repelling effect makes it one of the best factory treated tick repellent clothing available.  It can be used by anyone as it does not cause any irritation.

BugsAway: is another manufacturer of clothing which is equipped with the insect shield technology. It is an odorless cloth and an invisible insect protection which is used to repel and kills ticks that come in contact with the fabric.


Avoid exposing the wet Permethrin cloth to cats because it might damage the nervous system of the cats. Do not put treated clothing into the dryer as this will remove the Permethrin from the fabrics.

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