Does Frontline Repel Ticks

Does Frontline Repel Ticks? Tick populations are increasing and can spread tick-transmitted diseases to humans and pets. Frontline is well known among pet owners and a popular spot-on preparation. The active ingredient Fipronil acts directly on the nervous system of ticks and other bloodsucking pests. Fipronil is a so-called antiparasitic. So to the question: does frontline repel ticks? Not really repel, but it kills ticks when they get in contact with it. How does Frontline repel ticks? As an antiparasitic, Frontline […]

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Best Tick Repellent for Cats

best tick repellent for cats

Tick Repellents for Cats A tick infestation in a cat is not only dangerous to your pet, but also to you as the cat owner. This is because cats like resting in people’s laps, sleep on the couch or even in the bed. This makes it very easy for ticks to spread in a home. Cats can pass on a disease called Bartonellosis to humans through ticks. There is also the danger of co-infection with Lyme disease if these ticks are carriers. Using […]

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Does Tea Tree Oil repel ticks

does tea tree oil repel ticks

Does tea tree oil repel ticks The tea tree is native to Australia’s swampy forests around Queensland. It has long been used by the Australian Aborigines to treat minor skin irritation and keep away skin and hair vermin. Tea tree oil is very useful in making natural repellent as it has quite a strong smell that irritates blood-sucking pests. Tea tree oil is inexpensive and non-toxic when used externally as recommended. It must NOT be taken internally and is NOT recommended for children. Always read the label and use tea tree oil only […]

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What Repels Ticks? Best 5 Tick Repellents

what repels ticks, best 5 tick repellents

Ticks can transmit multiple pathogens. Over 10% of ticks contain Borrelia bacteria and can potentially transmit Lyme disease.  The risk of contracting Borreliosis (Lyme disease) after a tick bite is 4%. So on average, one hundred tick bites cause four infections. About 0.5-2% of the ticks contain further viruses that can cause dangerous diseases like ehrlichiosis, rickettsia, babesia…  in all there are at least  16 known diseases that can be transmitted by ticks.  Prevention of tick bite is better than […]

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Tick Repellent Clothing Treatment

tick repellent clothing

Repel Ticks with Permethrin Treated Clothing  The CDC says that incidents of Lyme disease are up by as much as 10 times over the past years. This is because ticks have spread to more areas in the country due to warmer weather in the recent past. For anyone spending a lot of time outdoors, Lyme disease and other tick-transmitted diseases are a real danger. There is also the Zika virus carried by mosquitoes. In addition to applying insect repellent, it is […]

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