Does Frontline Repel Ticks

does frontline repel ticks

Tick populations have been increasing dramatically in the last couple of years. With the rising ticks number, the risk for humans and pets to contract ticks transmitted diseases is also up. Frontline is well known among pet owners and popular spot-on preparation. The active ingredient Fipronil acts directly on the nervous system of ticks and … Read more

Best Tick Repellent for Cats

best tick repellent for cats

A tick infestation in a cat is not only dangerous to your pet, but also to you as the cat owner. Cats like resting in people’s laps, sleep on the couch or even in bed. This makes it very easy for ticks to spread in a home. Cats can pass on a disease called Bartonellosis … Read more

Does Tea Tree Oil Repel Ticks

does tea tree oil repel ticks

A few drops of Tea Tree Oil rubbed on clothing or thinly applied to lower legs can provide protection from ticks. But how does tea tree oil repel ticks? Most parasites avoid the smell of essential oils as it irritates their senses or it interferes with their body function when they come into contact with … Read more

What Repels Ticks? Best 5 Tick Repellents

bug repellent, what repels ticks best

There are various means of protection against tick bites. Depending on the type of active ingredients one differentiates 2 groups. One group is the repellents, the other the contact poisons. What repels ticks, does not necessarily kill them. Repellents work through odor, they smell somehow unpleasant to bugs, so they stay away. Ticks simply fall … Read more

Tick Repellent Clothing Treatment

tick repellent clothing

The Center for Diseases Control (CDC) warns that incidents of Lyme disease are up by as much as 10 times over the past years. This is because ticks have spread to more areas in the country due to warmer weather in recent years. Spending a lot of time outdoors, Lyme disease and other tick-transmitted diseases are … Read more