Natural Methods For Controlling Ticks In Dogs

What repels ticks on dogs

Ticks are small bloodsucking pests which can transmit dangerous diseases to your dog. By using the natural methods, you can prevent tick infestation of your pet in a safe way reducing unwanted side effects that some of the highly effective chemical tick repellents may have. But not all natural methods to repel ticks and other unwanted pests, work the same. To find out what repels ticks on dogs best you have to try a couple of different treatments. So what repels ticks on dogs? […]

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How To Repel Ticks On Dogs ?

How To Repel Ticks On Dogs

Ticks are the little creatures that attached themselves to pets or humans and suck blood to feed. They can stay on their host for a few days up to a couple of weeks. Dogs are regular victims to tick bites and tick-borne disease.  It is best to repel ticks on dogs as they are difficult to find deep in the fur to reach the skin. The longer a tick stays attached to the host, the greater the risk to transmit a […]

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