Top 7 Tick Plants That Repel Ticks

plants that repel ticks

Ticks appear in ever-increasing numbers in cities and in our gardens. They spread in our immediate environment through host animals such as mice, rats, hedgehogs, birds and even our pets, which they simply hitchhike on. The problem with ticks is that they can transmit diseases with their bite. Tick infestation in the yard and garden … Read more

How to Reduce Ticks In Your Yard

how to reduce ticks in yard

Ticks are small, blood-sucking ectoparasites waiting for a suitable victim by questing in hiding places around your home, in your yard, out in parks and forests. They are virtually everywhere in nature throughout the world, wherever they find a suitable environment. As with most ectoparasites, ticks can spread diseases to humans and pets. Eliminating tick … Read more