Natural Methods For Controlling Ticks In Dogs

Ticks are small bloodsucking pests which can transmit dangerous diseases to your dog. By using the natural methods, you can prevent tick infestation of your pet in a safe way reducing unwanted side effects that some of the highly effective chemical tick repellents may have. But not all natural methods to repel ticks and other unwanted pests, work the same. To find out what repels ticks on dogs best you have to try a couple of different treatments.

So what repels ticks on dogs?

In case of an acute tick infestation of your dog, it is most effective and the least stressful for your pet to resort to washing your dog’s fur with an effective dog shampoo. Even they may have side effects, they probably negligible compared to the to the long-term damage an infection with a dangerous tick-transmitted disease will have on your pet.

Natural Tick Repellent For Dogs

Depending on where you live, for the day to day tick prophylaxis natural tick repellents together with regular inspections of the pet fur may be sufficient.

You can mix your own tick repellent with the help of Essential Oils.

Using Eucalyptus to Repel Ticks

Dilute the eucalyptus oil with the coconut oil, to control the ticks in dogs. The smell of the eucalyptus is a disgust for the ticks.  Thus, smelling the eucalyptus, it can’t withstand for long periods of time. The ticks can attain the unconscious state and fall from the coat of the dogs.

Using Germanium as a Tick Repellent

It is considered as a natural tick repellent for dogs. Dilute the germanium oil with water and apply the mixture on the spine of the dog, to repel the ticks. It can be prepared easily at home. Mix vodka with essential oil and pour into the spray bottle and add distilled water to it. Now, the germanium spray is ready to repel the ticks.

Using Neem Oil

Pour a little of neem oil on your hand and apply it on the coat of your dogs; it is used to prevent the ticks. As it is one of the best conditioners, it is used to provide a shiny coat to your dogs.  It plays a major role in driving away the ticks. It is the best natural tick repellent for dogs.

Using Oregano Oil

Combine the oregano oil with the thyme and dilute the combination. It should be applied to the coat of your dogs to prevent the ticks. It is considered as the best one to protect the life of the dogs from the ticks.

Washing the dogs

You can apply lotion, spray or shampoo the dogs to control the ticks. After spraying or after applying the oil, allow them to stay in the coat of the dog for few minutes so that it can penetrate into the coat of the dog’s skin and repel the ticks effectively.

Risk factors

Avoid using the pine based oils on the collar of dogs, as it seems to be very toxic to the dogs. It produces irritation and causes redness on the body of the dog. Since the essential oils are very concentrated, use it carefully while applying on the skin of your dogs. So, add a small quantity of oil and more amount of water, to protect your dogs from the side effects.

These are the best natural methods to control the ticks on the dogs. It is necessary to follow any one of the above methods in order to get the best results.