Using Essential Oils As A Tick Repellent

Using Essential Oils As A Tick Repellent

When the tick season begins, the tick repellents should be ready. But prevention is often not a particularly interesting subject for many. However, if you ever had a tick bite, you would like to avoid that happening again. As wearing long pants and shirts, permanently covering up in summer, may not cause enthusiasm, another option is experimenting with essential oils to find the best natural tick repellent.

Besides effective tick repellents that are chemically manufactured, some essential oils may be used for repelling tick in humans and pets. There are various types of essential oils in the market, not all the oils are used as a tick repellent. Some oils have a strong odour and they repel the ticks from the hosts effectively.

What is the best natural tick repellent

Besides, the use of chemical or natural repellents are some further natural tick control measures you may considered controlling ticks in the house and your yard.  Various types of natural methods such as tick traps, tick repelling plants, essential oil may in combination with each other provide an effective way of tick control.
As for animals is important to note that not all essential oils are recommended for animals, especially dogs, cats and horses can be sensitive. Ask your veterinarian for advice before you begin to treat your pet with essential oils.  Use essential oils only as recommended, most essential oils must be diluted. For personal use always ask your physician if the product is safe to use and does not affect humans.

Essential oil as a tick repellent

As there are many  essential oils but only a few scientific studies to there effectiveness against ticks, it is necessary to resort mainly to personal experience what works best. Find the most  common recommend essential oils for tick control below:

Geranium essential oil: This oil can be used as an insect repellent because it has insect repellent, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. This oil eradicates the ticks from the human and the animal body. This oil is also efficient and it will not cause any harm to the human body.

Palo Santo essential oil: The important properties of Palo sonata essential oil is anti-infectious, antiviral and immune stimulant. This oil also has an insect resistant property and can be used effectively for removing ticks from the body.

Rosewood essential oil:  The rosewood essential oil has anti-fungal, anti-infectious and anti-parasitic properties. With these properties, it can effectively decrease ticks in the animal body and reduce the harmful effects of fungus.

Myrrh essential oil: The myrrh essential oil also has the similar properties such as antiseptic, anti-infectious and insect repellent.  So, it can be used as an effective tick repellent.

Thyme essential oil: The thyme essential oil also has many similar properties like anti- infectious, antiviral and antifungal properties. This oil repels the insects and avoids all the infection in the skin.

Peppermint essential oil: The peppermint essential oil is an insect repellent oil that can be used effectively to keep ticks away from the body.

Not an essential oil but commonly recommended as tick repellent is:

Coconut oilCares for the skin, has a slight sun protection factor, is a deterrent to stinging insects and arachnids (ticks) and smells very pleasant. In addition, it has anti-bacterial, antiviral and fungicidal properties and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Mixed with other essential oils, it provides a quite useful repellent effect on insects.

Please consult with  your physician before use of essential oils or insect repellents.  Use only as directed!