How To Repel Ticks On Dogs?

As dog owners, we always worry about ticks, which our four-legged friends only too easily become victims of.  But it is not just about the health of our dog but also about our own health.  Ticks transmit viruses and bacteria, which can eventually lead to dangerous diseases, that can make our pet extremely ill or even kill it. Treatment of tick-transmitted diseases is often complicated, expensive and very stressful for our dog. To repel ticks on dogs is important to prevent contracting diseases.

Is it really necessary to repel ticks on dogs?

Ticks live almost everywhere where pet owners go for a walk with their dog or where the dog goes alone. So any time your pet is outside, it might pick up one or more ticks. Unlike as in humans, where the tick might crawl around for quite some time in search for a suitable bite site, ticks bit dogs almost on the spot as every place deep in the fur is suitable for a tick bite.

Although the tick itself and the bite is not dangerous for the dog, ticks harbor various pathogens that they can transmit to the dog through their bite. The diseases ticks transmit can make your dog very sick or even be deadly for your pet. Prevention of tick-transmitted diseases is easier, cheaper and not as stressful for your dog (and yourself) as treating a sick dog. Let’s look at the effective methods to repel ticks from dogs.

You should think about and weight the use of synthetic chemical tick repellents vs natural tick repellents by looking at the potential side effects of each, against the benefits they provide.

How to repel Ticks on Dogs?

Spot-on preparations: Spot-on preparations contain substances that either prevent ticks from biting or kill ticks soon after they have bitten but before they can transmit pathogens. Spot-ons are applied externally in the neck of the dog, the active ingredients are absorbed and spread via the Sebaceous glands in the skin over the entire body of the dog.

Spot-on preparations act differently

  • Contact antiparasitics – interfere with the metabolism of the parasite and kill it on contact.
  • Repellents – keep parasites away by irritating ticks sensory organs and “camouflaging the host” and preventing infestation by the parasite (and thus the tick bite) from the outset; Repellents keep ticks away.

What repels ticks on dogs best?

There are many ways to protect yourself and your pet from ticks. In high-risk areas, where many ticks are found and the risk of a tick bite is high, the use of effective tick repellents is absolutely necessary. But if you and your dog live in a city where there is not much green and no natural hiding places for ticks, then natural tick repellents together with regular grooming and bathing with tick repelling dog shampoo may be enough to protect your dog from ticks.

Frontline plus is effective to repel ticks on dogs. Frontline can easily be applied once a month. Use the applicator, to apply directly onto the dog’s skin between the shoulder blades. The active ingredients in Frontline Plus will effectively kill ticks by disabling the insect’s neural system.