How To Repel Ticks On Dogs ?

How To Repel Ticks On Dogs ?

Ticks are the little creatures that attached themselves to pets or humans and suck blood to feed. They can stay on their host for a few days up to a couple of weeks. Dogs are regular victims to tick bites and tick-borne disease.  It is best to repel ticks on dogs as they are difficult to find deep in the fur to reach the skin. The longer a tick stays attached to the host, the greater the risk to transmit a disease. Therefore it is best to remove the tick as soon as possible or even better to prevent tick infestation at all, by using effective tick repellents. The right tick repellent for dogs will prevent your pet getting bitten by ticks and safeguard them from tick-transmitted diseases.

Types of ticks on dogs

A dog can be affected with several ticks of different tick species. One of the most common tick species is the brown dog tick or the kennel tick. They are often found in dog kennels, animal pens, or even inside human homes. As much as they are a problem biting dogs and possibly transmitting disease, they rarely bite humans.
The deer tick is another common type of tick. They live in the woody areas and could infect dogs with Lyme disease. Another dangerous type is the American dog tick, they prefer waiting for prey on grasslands and scrubs along trails. When fully engorged they can be the size of a grape. They are a common vector of Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

How to diagnose the tick infestation?

You have to regularly visibly check your dog’s coat for ticks. If any are found, they should be removed right away with appropriate methods. If left on the pet until they fall off by themselves, the risk of transmitting a disease increase the longer they feed on your pet. This might cause other health related problems such as anemia, tick paralysis, skin irritation and infections. If your dogs show the symptoms of puffy lymph node, bloated joints with pain, lack of appetite, and fever, then it is likely already infected with a tick transmitted disease.  

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What repels ticks on dogs best?

Frontline plus is very most effective to repel ticks on dogs. Frontline can easily be applied once a month. Use the applicator, to apply directly onto the dog’s skin between the shoulder blades. The active ingredients in Frontline Plus will effectively kill ticks by disabling the insect’s neural system.

Tick repellent powders

The repellent powders are an effective method of killing ticks on dogs. They perform a dual role by killing the ticks already present, as well as, prevent them from further adherence. However, you have to ensure that you use a powder that is intended to be used for dogs and in the limited quantity mentioned.

Repellent sprays

The spray generally contains an ingredient called permethrin or pyrethrin. They usually come as aerosols or pump bottles. Use it to spray it over the entire body of the pet; with the help of cotton ball apply it to the areas around eyes and ears.

Shampoos to repel ticks on dogs

They are proven beneficial to keep ticks away and also help in getting rid of them when the dog goes out to a tick prone area. With the help of this shampoo, the dogs can get a frothy bath and be clean without ticks.

Tick Dip

The tick dips can be made by purchasing a concentrated product and diluting them with water. They have to be applied on the entire body in a well-ventilated area. They have to be applied over the entire body of the pet.

Tick collar

To be effective, the tick collar has to be snug around the dog’s neck. If the collar has any extra portion, cut them off after applying. If your dog suffers any irritation, you have to consider using a different collar of a different brand.

Last word

These are the popular methods to repel ticks on dogs. Also, there are other natural home remedies which use ingredients available at home to repel ticks. Among all these, the repellent powders are considered to give better results. When using these products, make sure your dog does not lick the product as it is dangerous. Further, avoid the product contact with the eyes. Follow the instructions of the application or usage before applying on your pet.