Does Eucalyptus repel Ticks

does eucalyptus repel ticks

Eucalyptus Oil to Keep off Ticks Not only are tick bites irritating, but ticks bring on Lyme disease that afflicts people and pets alike. Applying tick repellent is the best defense against tick bites. There are several artificial tick repellents with DEET and Frontline being the best-known brands. The use of artificial repellents over the long term has been associated with some harmful side effects including brain damage. You can do away with these artificial repellents and opt for homemade […]

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Coconut Oil, a natural way to repel ticks

coconut oil, natural way to repel ticks

Coconut Oil Tick Repellent ??? Coconut oil has hundreds of uses among them being a very effective bug repellent. It can be used as a  natural way to repel ticks as the scent of coconut oil irritates the senses of bugs and ticks making it more difficult for these nasty pests to locate their next victim. The good thing with coconut oil is that it can be applied directly to the skin with no irritation. The oil is a good moisturizer […]

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Natural Methods For Controlling Ticks In Dogs

What repels ticks on dogs

Ticks are small bloodsucking pests which can transmit dangerous diseases to your dog. By using the natural methods, you can prevent tick infestation of your pet in a safe way reducing unwanted side effects that some of the highly effective chemical tick repellents may have. So what repels ticks on dogs? In case of an acute tick infestation of your dog it is most effective and the least stressful for your pet to resort to strong chemical tick repellents. Even they may have side […]

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Using Essential Oils As A Tick Repellent

Repelling Ticks Using Essential Oils

When the tick season begins, the tick repellents should be ready. But prevention is often not a particularly interesting subject for many. However, if you ever had a tick bite, you would like to avoid that happening again. As wearing long pants and shirts, permanently covering up in summer, may not cause enthusiasm,  your best other option is using an effective tick repellent. Besides those effective tick repellents that are chemically synthesized there are some essential oils that may also be […]

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