Best Tick Repellent for Hunters

There are tons of ticks in forests, in grasslands, and just about any other place where hunters roam looking for game. After all, it is mainly the animals, from the mouse in the undergrowth to the elk in the woods that are responsible for the spread of ticks. Because the ticks themselves don’t wander far, … Read more

Lone Star Tick

The lone star tick (Amblyomma americanum) receives its name from the unique white-silvery mark on the female’s back. These ticks strike people more often than any other tick class in the southeastern and eastern states. Lone star ticks are widespread in many parts of the USA. They are found mainly in forests with dense undergrowth … Read more

Bug Repellents – The More Effective The More Toxic

Ticks keep not only spreading, but they are also active much longer because the winters are getting shorter. So tick protection is more important than ever. There are natural tick repellents that use essential oils to ward off ticks, and synthetic tick repellents that use chemicals like DEET to protect you from ticks and possibly … Read more

Do Birds Spread Ticks?

do birds carry ticks

A warming climate and increased human encroachment into animal habitat have led to increased levels of tick-human contact, along with increased levels of tick-borne disease. Warmer weather allows ticks to reproduce earlier and in greater numbers and it allows more ticks to overwinter successfully, leading to an explosion in the tick population. Even worse, the … Read more

Do Ticks Fall From Trees

do ticks fall from trees 

The question always arises when it comes to ticks “do ticks fall from trees?” The short answer: No, ticks don’t fall from trees. A walk under trees hardly poses a risk of a tick falling on you. To fall from a tree, the ticks would first have to climb up. This is far too energy-consuming, … Read more

What Is The Best Essential Oil To Repel Ticks

What Is The Best Essential Oil To Repel Ticks

Without plants, there would be no life on Earth. Plants produce the oxygen we breathe, and plants are the basis of the food chain. Only plants can use sunlight to convert water and minerals into plant matter and fruit – food on which all animals and we depend. But in addition to green leaves and … Read more

What’s A Tick Look Like And What Do Tick Bites Look Like?

A tick looks like a tiny spider-like animal with a small round body and eight legs. Ticks are ectoparasites, living on the skin of a host. They do bite a host to drink blood which they need to grow and reproduce. Ticks can be carriers of a number of dangerous diseases that may spread to … Read more

Why Are There More Ticks Every Year?

Why Are There More Ticks Every Year

A changing climate has widespread ramifications for human health. Heatwaves, extreme weather, crop failure, and wildfire all threaten human communities. Our ecosystems are changing rapidly as a result. Perhaps most insidious, however, is the incredible effect warming temperatures have on the populations of pests. From locusts to mosquitoes, our most damaging pests will be able … Read more

Homemade Tick Repellent For Dogs

homemade tick repellent for dogs

To protect dogs from ticks, it’s best to treat the pets preventively against ticks. This is all the more important during tick season when the little parasites are particularly active. There is a whole range of highly effective synthetic chemical anti-tick products that are approved for dogs. If you want to avoid chemical repellents how … Read more

What To Do When Your Dog Has A Tick

Found a tick on your dog? What to do when your dog has a tick? There is no need to think twice, you must remove the tick immediately. And where there was one, there could be more. So you check your dog’s fur thoroughly if there are any more hidden. When your dog had one … Read more