How Long Does A Tick Bite Last?

how long does a tick bite last

Compared to a mosquito bite or a bee sting, in which the insects “doing” is over quickly, a tick bite takes much longer. Also, unlike a bee or wasp sting which can be immediately quite painful, one usually does not even notice a tick bite. The tick excretes an anesthetic into the bite, only when … Read more

Flea Vs Tick- How Do They Differ?

Fleas Vs Ticks- How Do They Differ

Fleas and Ticks are the nightmares of every pet owner, little blood-sucking pests that bother our four-legged friends. They are a constant problem and you need to take care so you pet does not get infested with fleas or ticks. Unfortunately, it can happen everywhere as they are so common. Fleas when in contact with … Read more