How Long Does A Tick Bite Last?

how long does a tick bite last

Compared to a mosquito bite or a bee sting, in which the insects “doing” is over quickly, a tick bite takes much longer. Also, unlike a bee or wasp sting which can be immediately quite painful, one usually does not even notice a tick bite. The tick excretes an anesthetic into the bite, only when … Read more

Flea Vs Tick- How Do They Differ?

Fleas Vs Ticks- How Do They Differ

Fleas and Ticks are the nightmares of every pet owner, little blood-sucking pests that bother our four-legged friends. Fleas and ticks are a constant problem and often befall our pets. Fleas when in contact with other pets or in a flea-infested room, ticks, after nature walks in meadows and woods. But how do you recognize … Read more