What’s A Tick Look Like And What Do Tick Bites Look Like?

A tick looks like a tiny spider-like animal with a small round body and eight legs. Ticks are ectoparasites, living on the skin of a host. They do bite a host to drink blood which they need to grow and reproduce. Ticks can be carriers of a number of dangerous diseases that may spread to … Read more

Why Are There More Ticks Every Year?

Why Are There More Ticks Every Year

A changing climate has widespread ramifications for human health. Heatwaves, extreme weather, crop failure, and wildfire all threaten human communities. Our ecosystems are changing rapidly as a result. Perhaps most insidious, however, is the incredible effect warming temperatures have on the populations of pests. From locusts to mosquitoes, our most damaging pests will be able … Read more

Brown Dog Tick

The brown dog tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) or kennel tick is like all ticks a blood-sucking parasite that can transmit dangerous diseases to its host. The Brown Dog Tick originates from North Africa but has spread throughout the world and is now in fact the most widespread tick in the world. The species will probably continue … Read more

Where Are Ticks Commonly Found

where are ticks commonly found

Ticks are commonly found all over the world where there are suitable host species. The occurrence of the different species depends on the availability of their respective hosts and on environmental factors such as temperature and air humidity. Most tick species have one or more preferred hosts but can also suck blood from other hosts … Read more

Most Common Ticks in North America

Guide To Common Ticks

Ticks (Ixodida) are tiny parasitic arachnids found all over the world. They prefer warm, humid habitats. Around 900 species of ticks are known worldwide. To date almost 100 species of ticks are known to occur in North America. That number is to increase as new species are occasionally introduced from other continents and then spread. … Read more

What Eats Ticks?

do mantis eat ticks

There are lots of animals that eat ticks, eating and being eaten is part of life in the animal kingdom. Ticks are eaten by predatory insects and spiders, ground-living birds that eat ticks, small tick-eating mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and even fish eat ticks should one falls into the water. There are more animals that eat … Read more

What Are Ticks Good For?

what are ticks good for

Ticks have quite a bad image. They are blood-sucking parasites that infect humans and animals and can also transmit nasty diseases through their bites. It is not easy to see whether they are of any use, and what their role is in nature. So the question arises: “Why are they even there?” or “What are … Read more

How Long Does A Tick Bite Last?

how long does a tick bite last

In comparison to a mosquito bite or a bee sting, in which the actual biting or stinging of the insects is quickly over, a tick bite takes much longer. And unlike a bee or wasp sting, which is immediately noticeable and can usually be very painful, the tick bite is painless and is hardly noticed. The … Read more

Tick Facts And Myths

tick facts and myths

There is a lot of false knowledge about ticks. Some have a little fact to it, others are just myths.  You hear myths like ticks fall from trees onto their victims, only forest workers are at risk or ticks can be removed with glue. True is: ticks can be quite dangerous because they can transmit … Read more

Ticks Anatomy, Feeding And Behaviour, Life Cycle

Ticks Anatomy, Feeding And Behaviour, Life Cycle

Ticks (Ixodida) belong to the order Acari, which is a group in the class of arachnids or in plain language, spiders. All tick species are blood-feeding ectoparasites that infested vertebrates as well as humans. Many types of ticks are important vectors of disease. Anatomy Of Ticks The body of a tick consists of two sections. … Read more