Is Permethrin The Best Tick Repellent?

Permethrin Tick Repellent

There are many tick repellents commonly available. Choosing the best tick repellent can be quite daunting, as there are many natural repellents as well as many chemically synthesized repellents. Permethrin is a synthetically manufactured drug derived from chrysanthemum flowers. Permethrin is highly toxic to insects and mites. “Mites” are a subclass of spiders (arachnids) that ticks belong to, they are not classified as insects. Permethrin is harmless to most mammals, birds, and humans, so it can be used for personal protection, at […]

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Picaridin Vs DEET Vs Permethrin – Which is the Best Tick Repellent?

methrin Vs Picaridin – Which is the Best Tick Repellent

Tick-transmitted diseases can have a severe impact on our health. Tick populations and mosquitos are increasing and exposure to ticks becomes more common. Repellents are important to protect people as well as pets from nasty bites and the diseases spread by these culprits. Three of the most popular insect repellents are DEET, Permethrin and Picaridin. But when looking a Picaridin vs DEET vs Permethrin, how can you be sure which one is the best to use? Picaridin vs DEET vs […]

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Tick Repellent Clothing To Protect You From Unwanted Illness

tick repellent clothing treatment

Ticks are small creeping creatures which may cause severe infections in humans and animals. They may transmit bacteria and viruses, that when contracted can cause certain dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease, typhus, spotted fewer….. So tick protection is essential and there are quite a few options today. Apart from using lotions, shampoos, and some other chemicals on your skin, you can also use tick repellent clothing to repel ticks. Tick repellent clothes are effective in keeping ticks off your […]

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How To Repel Ticks Naturally?

How To Repel the Ticks Naturally

Ticks are very dangerous creatures which suck the blood from the human beings, pets and cause infections to them. It usually survives in the hidden places of the furniture or in other places away from the direct sunlight.  When it starts affecting the living beings, it is essential to take measures to control them early. As ticks seem to produce many problems to the human beings, you have to take severe action to eradicate them.  At a low cost, you […]

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Using Essential Oils As A Tick Repellent

best natural tick repellent

When the tick season begins, the tick repellents should be ready. But prevention is often not a particularly interesting subject for many. However, if you ever had a tick bite, you would like to avoid that happening again. As wearing long pants and shirts, permanently covering up in summer, may not cause enthusiasm, another option is experimenting with essential oils to find the best natural tick repellent. Besides effective tick repellents that are chemically manufactured, some essential oils may be used […]

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