Geraniol Natural Repellent Against Ticks, Fleas An Mosquitos


Geraniol is an essential oil, a natural compound that many plants produce. It can act as an attractant as well as a repellent against plant-feeding insects. Because it repels ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, and other biting pests, it is used as a natural repellent to protect people and pets from parasites. Geraniol is also widely used … Read more

What Is DEET And How Does It Repel Bugs

what is deet

DEET is a chemical insect repellent. It is highly effective against various blood-sucking insects such as mosquitoes, mites, fleas, bedbugs, black flies and ticks. It is estimated that more than 200 million people use repellents containing DEET each year. Based on studies examining the long-term use of DEET by millions of consumers, no significant and … Read more

Picaridin vs DEET – Which Bug Repellent Is Better?

picaridin vs deet

The synthetic insect repellents Picaridin and DEET are among the most commonly used insect repellents. And with good reason, as these man-made bug repellents are the most effective at repelling ticks, mosquitoes, and many other biting parasites. When directly comparing Picaridin vs DEET, DEET seems to provide slightly better protection but comes with the downside … Read more

What Is Picaridin? Has Picaridin Side Effects?

Anopheles, What Is Picaridin?

Picaridin is an effective repellent that protects against insects and ticks. Repellents containing picaridin are applied directly to the skin. The active ingredients evaporate slowly and form a protective shield around the wearer. This smells really bad for most insects and has a repelling and deterring effect that keeps them away. It is effective against mosquitoes, … Read more

Does Eucalyptus Repel Ticks

does eucalyptus repel ticks

Eucalyptus oil is mainly known for its refreshing camphor, citrus-like refreshing smell. Eucalyptus has been a proven remedy against many ailments. The processed oil is used in various products from topical ointments against muscle ache and rheumatism to cough medicine and bronchitis. Eucalyptus oil is antiseptic and works against a variety of bacteria. Eucalyptus Oil to Keep … Read more

Does Tea Tree Oil Repel Ticks

does tea tree oil repel ticks

A few drops of Tea Tree Oil rubbed on clothing or applied thinly to lower legs is said to provide protection from ticks. But how does tea tree oil repel ticks? Tea tree oil is an extract obtained from the Australian tea tree. The oil with its noticeable strong odor is a blend of over … Read more

Coconut Oil, A Natural Way To Repel Ticks

Coconut oil has so many amazing uses, and it doesn’t stop at just being an excellent cooking oil. It can also be used as an effective tick repellent due to its strong smell, which is an irritant to ticks and many other parasites. Plus, it’s safe to apply directly to the skin, with no risk … Read more

What Repels Ticks? Best 5 Tick Repellents

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There are various methods and means to repel ticks and prevent tick bites. But what repels ticks doesn’t always kill them, it may just keep them away. According to the type of active ingredient, tick repellents are divided into two types. One group is the repellents, and the other is the contact poisons. True repellents … Read more

Tick Protection Clothing With Permethrin

tick repellent clothing

2023 is another year in which tick activity is even higher than in previous years. The reason for this is debatable, but a major contributor to the increased number of ticks is likely to be climate change. Anyhow, more ticks mean a higher risk of tick-borne diseases and it is therefore even more important to … Read more

Top 7 Tick Plants That Repel Ticks

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Ticks appear in ever-increasing numbers in cities and in our gardens. They spread in our immediate environment through host animals such as mice, rats, hedgehogs, birds and even our pets, which they simply hitchhike on. The problem with ticks is that they can transmit diseases with their bite. Tick infestation in the yard and garden … Read more