Tick Repellent Clothing To Protect You from Ticks

tick repellent clothing

We have learned that Ticks may transmit bacteria and viruses that can cause dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis, etc. Protection against ticks is important for anyone who moves around outdoors. Apart from using lotions and sprays, you can also use tick repellent clothing to repel ticks. There are … Read more

Natural Tick Repellent For Humans – Repel Ticks Naturally

natural tick repellent for humans

With rising temperatures of spring, ticks become active again and the risk of tick bite increases. The bite alone is not all, more than 1 out of ten ticks carries pathogens that can transmit dangerous diseases. Protection from ticks becomes ever more important. You can choose between natural tick repellent for humans or chemical products. … Read more

Using Essential Oils As Tick Repellent

essential oils as tick repellent

When the tick season begins, tick repellents should be ready. But prevention is often not a particularly interesting subject. However, if you ever had a tick bite, you certainly would like to avoid that happening again. Wearing long pants and shirt and permanently covering up in summer, doesn’t sound like fun. The best protection provide … Read more

How to Reduce Ticks In Your Yard

how to reduce ticks in yard

Ticks are small, bloodsucking ectoparasites waiting for a suitable victim by questing in hiding places around your home, in your yard, out in parks and forests. They are virtually everywhere in nature throughout the world, wherever they find a suitable environment. As with most ectoparasites, ticks too can spread diseases to humans and pets. Eliminating … Read more

What Repels Ticks On Humans

what repels ticks on humans

Ticks are more common than ever, thanks to climate change and the disappearance of their natural enemies. They lure (quest) about everywhere in grasses, shrubs, around your yard or along trails, waiting for potential prey. What repels ticks on humans is important to know for anyone who is into outdoor activities or just walks the … Read more