Comparing Picaridin, DEET and Permethrin

methrin Vs Picaridin – Which is the Best Tick Repellent

Tick-transmitted diseases can have a severe impact on our health. Tick populations and mosquitos are increasing and exposure to ticks becomes more common. Repellents are important to protect people as well as pets from nasty bites and the diseases spread by these culprits. Three of the most popular insect repellents are DEET, Permethrin and Picaridin. … Read more

Tick Repellent Clothing To Protect You from Ticks

tick repellent clothing

Ticks are found almost everywhere and the transmission of dangerous diseases through tick bites continues to increase. After mosquitoes, ticks are the second most common disease carrier for humans worldwide. In some areas, every third tick is infected with bacteria that cause Lyme disease. Other diseases spread by ticks are Anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, … Read more

Natural Tick Repellent For Humans – Repel Ticks Naturally

natural tick repellent for humans

With rising temperatures of spring, ticks become active again, and the risk of tick bite increases. But the bite alone is not all that is troublesome, more than one out of ten ticks carries pathogens that can transmit dangerous diseases. Protection from ticks is more important than ever. You can choose between natural tick repellent … Read more

Using Essential Oils As Tick Repellent

essential oils as tick repellent

When the tick season begins, tick repellents should be ready. But prevention is often not a particularly interesting subject. However, if you ever had a tick bite, you certainly would like to avoid that happening again. Wearing long pants and shirt and permanently covering up in summer, doesn’t sound like fun. The best protection provide … Read more

What Repels Ticks On Humans

what repels ticks on humans

Ticks are more common than ever because of climate change and the disappearance of their natural enemies. They wait for potential prey (questing) just about anywhere, in grasses, shrubs, around your yard or along trails. It is essential for anyone who is into outdoor activities or just walks the dog, to know what repels ticks … Read more